Sunday, 9 December 2007

Tangent: Xmas quiz

Good morning sunshine(not).

Here's a quick Xmas quiz for you all that I've adapted from Bohemianmom's site.
1.)Egg nog or hot chocolate? (Hot choc for me every time)
2.) Do you hang mistletoe ? (No, we never have, get enough kisses all year round, ha ha)
3.) What is your favourite holiday dish? (Xmas pudding and brandy sauce of course)
4.)What is your favourite holiday memory? (All of us in Northmead, Ma and Dad still alive, before emigration, when kids were all young).
5.)When and how did you learn about Santa? (When my friend's dad dressed up as Santa for the local community party)
6.) Snow, love or dread it? ( Love it falling, dread it thawing)
7.) What was your favourite gift? (The gifts we give now. We all give the amount we would've spent on presents to the person's favourite charity)
8,)Favourite Xmas song? (Silent night, always brings tears to my eyes)