Sunday, 23 December 2007

Tangent: Packing

With less than 24 hours till take off, we have had to make a decision. I (thank heavens) am well now, due to the correct diagnosis and steroid inhaler which has at last given me back an almost normal voice, energy and the desire to travel.

However, Neil is still ill, and had a high fever just 24 hours ago, is very weak with flu.
After lengthy thought and weighing the pros and cons, which is almost more exhausting than travelling itself, we have decided to pack anyway (slowly, to give him time to rest in between) and aim to be ready to leave for Heathrow by 7am tomorrow.
If he succumbs to yet another debilitating temperature, or worsens very suddenly, then all is in place for me to go alone (not my choice, but unaviodable).

When I said 'it ain't over till the fat lady sings', I thought she had sung her last aria for us, but it seems she has still more 'singing' to do.

As you can see, Snuffles is not very happy. She loves messing about in our half packed suitcases but gets this 'hangdog' expression in her eyes, woebegone and mournful. (Now I realise the origin of this expression, very apt.)
She will be staying with Steve (Mr P) and I know they'll have great time together, whether mournful or happy, walking in the park or lolling around at home, as long as she is fed and gets lots of cuddles, they will both benefit. (Confucious said ' he who cuddles, gets cuddles in return').

I'm sure he said that, didn't he?