Thursday, 14 February 2008

Come and find me

Hello all my bloggie friends.
Steve has helped me set up my new blog.
Come and join me for some fun and lots of giggles

Monday, 11 February 2008

It's over

To all ye faithful readers

To all my newfound friends

60b460 is now extinct

No more countdowns

Nothing more to achieve before 60

I have had an absolute ball these past 8 months

Thanks for sharing this roller coaster ride with me

Ciao, God bless and watch this space for my new blog

Lots more to come

(I did this painting 5 years ago using acrylics, nice hey?)

Happy Cactus Monday

Howdy folks....
I thought of 'Annie get your gun'............this looks nothing like her at all.
I thought of Senita out there in the desert with Annie................this looks nothing like Senita at all.
In fact Annie looks all out of proportion.
In fact it's altogether a weird drawing.

Anyway folks, Happy Cactus Monday.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

I'm a Rat

It was the Chinese New Year on Wednesday, Happy New Year to one and all.

I discovered I'm a rat.. according to the Chinese Zodiac.

'What an awful thing to be', I thought

Then I read what it said about the rat.

People born in the year of the rat are noted for their charm and attraction for the opposire sex. They work hard to achieve their goals, acquire possessions, and are likely to be perfectionists. They are basically thrifty with money. Rat people are easily angered and love to gossip. Their ambitions are big, and they are usually very successful. They are most compatible with people born in the years of the Dragon, Monkey and Ox.

You are imaginative.
You are generous.
You can be quick-tempered.
You will be happy as a writer, critic or publicist.
This is not completely accurate
Maybe I'm a hybrid, half rat, half ???

Another countdown

#Thirteen: Take more photographs

I love taking photos of trees and flowers. The first odd-looking one is in Oz, the other a reflection in the water at a park near our house.

#Fourteen: Find more family picture

One day I found some old black and white negatives in a box, which I hadn't realised were there. I had them printed and there were some amazing photos. This is one of them - my dad with my brother and I (about 1952)

#Fifteen: Have someone named after me
This hasn't happened yet, I may have to be dead before this one happens (grin).

#Sixteen: Remember the silver lining
I sometimes get this overwhelming thought that there is a silver lining.Sometimes I forget where it is.

#Seventeen: Make a collage

I have made a few of these this year and they were all great fun. This is the first one I did.

#Eighteen: Go to the opera

We went to see a modern version of 'Carmen Jones' while Ian was here on holiday last Summer. It was vibrant, colourful and thoroughly enjoyable.

#Nineteen: See a rock concert
Haven't seen one this year. I remember seeing Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' tour at Wembley Stadium in 1988. I adored him, and his concert was fantastic.

#Twenty: Ode to Moo's bed

Neil calls me 'Moo' and so I wrote an ode to my bed! Ha ha nutty I know.

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Tangent: Choose

I loved the abo art I saw in Oz in December, and drew a few myself.

This one came to mind for the theme this week.

'Mmmmmmmm, what shall I choose to eat today?'
IF: Choose

Friday, 8 February 2008

Another countdown

#Six: Visit cemetries

I have visited a cemetery twice with Steve and enjoyed it. It's one of his favourite places, but I didn't think I'd like to be there as much as I did. One can either have a philosophical discussion or merely just take in the ambience.This one, although just off a very busy road in London, was peaceful, quiet, wild flowers all abuzz with bees, rustling of leaves, and the many gravestones, although old and almost unreadable, felt comforting. (I drew this last Summer while I was there). Will go again soon.

#Seven: Relish my 'joie de vivre'

I do have an incredible joy of life, and try to relish it as often as I can.

#Eight: Brag more about my granddog

This I do very very often.

#Nine: Go dancing

We had a few dances at Mark and Carla's boat party but I was so ill I couldn't enjoy it much. Maybe we will try an afternoon 'tea dance' as they have in London for the oap's (old age pensioners). I should fit in well there as I am one of them now!

#Ten: Fight the bulge

I fought the bulge, won and then lost again!

Towards the end of 2006 I was told by the doctor to lose about 12 pounds for my cholesterol. So I joined Weight Watchers (on line) and lost 9 of those, feeling great and looking good.I have put them all on again these past 6 months, so will endeavour to re-join WW and get rid of them (for my health's sake, not because I want to).

#Eleven: Do more drawing/painting

Thanks to the wonder of blogland, I have done this thoroughly and will continue to do so. I just need to pluck up the courage to go to some more art courses (the last one with the 'Weasel' was a fiasco and hurt my confidence a lot). But I have so much to learn.

#Twelve: Fall in love again

We have become so bogged down in our daily lives that we hardly even notice each other anymore. I realised this had happened a lot to us recently. We were in a rut and knew it. I began to get that familiar old feeling of being 'closed in'. But, somehow the magic of that day on the beach watching our son getting married seemed to make us both realise how much we had drifted apart, and now we are definitely back on track, 'seeing' each other again. Hope it lasts.(Of course, 2 hours on a nudist beach helped a lot too!)

Thursday, 7 February 2008


As my blog draws to a close, it's time to review my 60 things to see whether I did them before turning 60 on 4th february 2008, or whether I have yet to do them, or may never do them!

I started my blog on the 10 June 2007, with lots of encouragement from Steve.

#One: Get a tattoo.

I got the tattoo on the 11 August and thank goodness Bev came with me, but she was squirming more than I was.

#Two: Write a blog.

Yes, I've certainly done this one.

#Three: New Glasses

I went to have my eyes checked on the 11th June 2007 and saw a divine frame silver and pink frame. 'Pink' I thought, 'why not?' And promptly bought them.

#Four: Pink hair

Which came first...the chicken or the egg? well which came first...the pink hair or the pink glasses? Find out here.

#Five: Visit a nudist beach

Oh yes I did! Oh no you didn't! Oh yes I did!

We had decided to do this before we went to Oz, so waited patiently for the rain to stop. One day, although overcast and cool, we set off, parked the car, and walked about a half a mile through a rain forest, down a steep track (of course therse beaches aren't nearby) till we got to this gorgeous secluded beach,only to find it was predominantly gay.
Neil complained as there wasn't enough 'eye candy' for him, but was I happy!!

What freedom, and what fun. We had one of the best days of our loves on that beach, laughing, giggling, splashing, romping and just feeling totally liberated. Can't wait to do this again one day. It's not about age or body beauty, it's about freedom and choice.

This photo proves I was there. Note the pink hat (positioned for the picture) which matches the pink hair and pink glasses!

Tangent: Monday Artday

At the end of a heavy day of teaching, some teachers turn into 'half beasts'.

Monday Artday: Half Beast

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Tangent: Let's go fly a kite

Let's go fly a kite
Up to the highest height
Let's go fly a kite
And send it soaring
Up through the atmosphere
Up where the air is clear
Oh, let's go fly a kite!

(wrapping paper collage)

Tangent:Birthday Senita

Senita enjoying the company of all the flowers in the house.

She decided to dress for the occassion, but only managed to look as it she's ready for the 'Battle of Britain'!


I have always shied away from throwing myself into my birthdays, after having had so many sad ones, disappointing ones, lonely ones, difficult ones, troublesome ones, unhappy ones and just plain miserable many!

However,this year is very special, as so many people in my family didn't reach 60.
From 1980-1984, we had 12 deaths in our family (almost 3 a year) and 8 of those died before 60 (some long before 60). This affected me for many years, and I half believed I wouldn't reach 60 either.
Here I am - 60 - and very blessed to be (quite) well and fit, very young at heart, not too many 'pleats' in my face (yet), a (depleted) family and lots of friends. Thanx to all of you in blogland too, who have sent me good wishes.
I suppose the biggest realisation of this birthday is that I AM TRULY LOVED.
After so many years of struggling through a difficult childhood, battling with anorexia and bulimia, marriage, divorce, marriage, divorce,emigration, fleeing, re-emigration, and many many periods of hopelessness, depression and desolation, I feel at last that I have come out of the dark tunnel of my past and can breathe fresh air once more.

No doubt, I will always have to battle with my demons....








Sunday, 3 February 2008


Midnight has come and gone and I am officially 60.
I said that this birthday was turning out to be an 'arty' one and indeed it is.

Carla ( my lovely new daughter in law) painted this adorable picture of Snuffles , using acrylics; it's an exact image. And she claims she's not artistic!

She's cute, don't you think? The dog of course!

Notice how she has signed this picture with her new initials (Carla of course)
One month of marriage and she is still so excited about being a 'Mrs'.
Thanx a million Mrs R, I love it.

Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me me
Happy birthday to me!

Tangent: Thanx Scott

A few weeks ago Scott (another new blogging friend) asked people to send him pictures of their hands, as this is what he draws, in an innovative and very interesting way.

You know me, always up for something new, so I sent him this picture. I am crocheting a handbag with recycled plastic bags, as an example to show my knitting group at school.

I love my crocheting and make baby blankets for a charity called Cuddles (for stillborn and premature babies).
This is a picture of my latest batch waiting to be sent. I usually do 6 0r 7 at a time in one parcel.

Scott has drawn my hands for IF: Blanket.

Scott is a very interested in all wildlife, and loves whales. He is training to be a volunteer on whale trips. Isn't that exciting? Please check out his fabulous photos on his site.

Thanx so much Scott, this is a terrific drawing, and I really like it.

This is turning into a fun 'arty' 60th weekend for me!!!

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Tangent: Blanket

We all need a security blanket now and then..........

IF: Blanket

Tangent: My Plan

Lolo also sent me these two delightful cards, ideal for using at school.
What I plan to do is to buy the two children's books she's written, read them to the kids at school (this term I am going into different classes to teach every day) then tell them I know the author and show them these two cards and brag that they were done for me personally.
Aren't I devious?
Thanx Lolo again.
These are just purrrrrfect!

Tangent: Pay it Forward

There are many cultures that have the tradition of giving someone else a gift to celebrate your own birthday.

Because this is my very special one, I would like to follow Lolo's example and send a copy of this book to the first 5 people who are interested, and of course one to you as well, Lolo. (And one to Juliet's mum as promised too.)

Quite a while back, someone who was commenting on my blog, upon learning that I was turning 60, recommended it to me. I can't remember who it was, would have to look back at all my posts to find out. Thanks whoever you are.

I found the book at the airport (on the way to Oz) and read it while there (many enjoyable rainy days)....and chuckled all the way through it.....

Here's the first paragraph to whet your appetite/s:

October 3
Ok. This is it. About fifty years too late, but better late than never. A diary. I know it's not January 1st, or even November 1st, but there is no time like the present. Don't we always say to ourselves:' If only I'd written a diary when I was twenty? Or thirty? Or forty?' But in my sixtieth year (or fifty-ninth to be precise - or, oh God, maybe it is my sixtieth year - I remember some tedious man explaining to me recently how even though I'm fifty- nine, I'm actually in my sixtieth year, totally incomprehensible, but I finally gave in), anyway in whatever year it is, I, Marie Sharp, retired art teacher, divorced. one son, one cat and resolutely single after about one million failed relationships, am determined to give it a final crack. A diary, that is. Not a relationship. Oh dear me no.

Hurry hurry hurry, the offer won't last.........grin

Tangent: Thanx Lolo

Lolo,who has become (another) good blogging friend,and I consider an exceptional artist, offered to send a personal ATC to the first 5 people who wrote a comment on her post (before Xmas).
I was the 6th, yet she still did one for me.

I was soooooo excited when her letter plopped through my letter box this morning, and was shaking as I tried to prise the (homemade) envelope open without harming the contents.
I am sure you've all experienced this feeling at one time or another in your life, probably when you were kids.
I thought was too old to feel this anymore, but I hadn't forgotten the excitement.

I absolutely Love this and will cherish it always. It will be framed and stand on my table where I draw and paint as a continual reminder of what I (and many women out there) need to strive for each and every day -SELF LOVE.

Thanx Lolo so much. You are very special.