Sunday, 10 February 2008

Another countdown

#Thirteen: Take more photographs

I love taking photos of trees and flowers. The first odd-looking one is in Oz, the other a reflection in the water at a park near our house.

#Fourteen: Find more family picture

One day I found some old black and white negatives in a box, which I hadn't realised were there. I had them printed and there were some amazing photos. This is one of them - my dad with my brother and I (about 1952)

#Fifteen: Have someone named after me
This hasn't happened yet, I may have to be dead before this one happens (grin).

#Sixteen: Remember the silver lining
I sometimes get this overwhelming thought that there is a silver lining.Sometimes I forget where it is.

#Seventeen: Make a collage

I have made a few of these this year and they were all great fun. This is the first one I did.

#Eighteen: Go to the opera

We went to see a modern version of 'Carmen Jones' while Ian was here on holiday last Summer. It was vibrant, colourful and thoroughly enjoyable.

#Nineteen: See a rock concert
Haven't seen one this year. I remember seeing Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' tour at Wembley Stadium in 1988. I adored him, and his concert was fantastic.

#Twenty: Ode to Moo's bed

Neil calls me 'Moo' and so I wrote an ode to my bed! Ha ha nutty I know.