Sunday, 3 February 2008

Tangent: Thanx Scott

A few weeks ago Scott (another new blogging friend) asked people to send him pictures of their hands, as this is what he draws, in an innovative and very interesting way.

You know me, always up for something new, so I sent him this picture. I am crocheting a handbag with recycled plastic bags, as an example to show my knitting group at school.

I love my crocheting and make baby blankets for a charity called Cuddles (for stillborn and premature babies).
This is a picture of my latest batch waiting to be sent. I usually do 6 0r 7 at a time in one parcel.

Scott has drawn my hands for IF: Blanket.

Scott is a very interested in all wildlife, and loves whales. He is training to be a volunteer on whale trips. Isn't that exciting? Please check out his fabulous photos on his site.

Thanx so much Scott, this is a terrific drawing, and I really like it.

This is turning into a fun 'arty' 60th weekend for me!!!