Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Tangent: My dream house/s

As I have two sides to my personality, the outgoing, friendly, happy go lucky side and the quiet, introspective, very serious side, I had to design two ' ideal ' houses I would live in for Monday Artday.

My quieter side would love nothing more than to be a million miles from anywhere and anyone, in a cute quaint little cottage, isolated and -just - um -quiet....

My other house would have to be big, bold and probably shaped like a question mark, as I am so curious and interested in everything and everyone around me.

Where I live in London sort of satisfies quite a lot of both.
Although we live in a quiet outer London suburb, and my street is a cul - de - sac, of only one block of houses, I am within 30 minutes by tube to the centre of London.

These days I mostly enjoy coming home, entering my front door, heaving a sigh of relief and shutting the whole world out!