Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Twenty-eight: Find out more

about the other dogs in my life.

I have four important charities that I sponsor. Cancer research, Leukaemia, Guide Dogs and Cuddles ( knitting/crocheting for premature and stillborn babies.)

I sponsor a puppy each year to be trained as a guide dog. An inital photo and description including their character and likes/dislikes is sent to me. So the journey begins. I get regular photos and updates of their progress and feel very proud when they 'qualify'. They move from trainer to trainer for each phase, starting at 6 weeks old, and, lastly, I am introduced to their new blind owner, who also gets fully trained for weeks in handling his/her new pet.

Let me introduce them:

Zita: Born 2004, German Shepherd, confident, cheeky, inquisitive, friendly, loves sleeping.

Panda: Born October 2005, Labrador/Retriever, wilful, feisty, fearless, loves food.

Duggie: Born february 2007, Golden retriever/Labrador, very playful, loves cuddles.

I'd really like to find out how Zita and Panda are getting on in their new lives and even to meet them, as they feel like my own dogs. Probably an impossibiltiy, understandably.