Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Tangent: showing more paintings

During my painting 'phase', I tried to do some flowers. They were all copied from arrangements I had in vases at one time or another. I am definitely not fond of 'flower' art in any form. I find it vapid and samey-samey. So this was quite an exploration for me.
The first one was a pot of pink geraniums and I wasn't very
satisfied with the end result ( but then maybe no painter ever is).
Then I did the white one, looking down on it ( sort of). And I definitely preferred the outcome.
Lastly ( I only ever painted three) I copied a lovely bouquet that my husband had given me for an Anniversary or Birthday. And I absolutely loved the final picture.

So much so, that it hangs in my house today, the only one of my paintings that does.