Saturday, 18 August 2007

Tangent: Binge

Inner Me

Pre 'Unc'

'Inner Me'

Post Unc

When Unc's here, it's just eat, eat, eat. The man is voracious; he is a bottomless pit; he relishes every smell, sight and taste of 'food, glorious food'. It is quite amazing to me (who abhors the stuff deep down), how much time and energy he can devote to talking about it let alone consuming it.
But his enthusiasm is infectious, and I find myself drawn into this vortex of frenetic activity. I want to feel what he feels; I want to experience this never ending delight that is so obviously the most important thing in his world........

And all I end up with is a huge mass inside me, that feels not only like compacted food, but also self-loathing!