Thursday, 2 August 2007


I found out yesterday that the family who live about six houses from us have 9 cats, 3 big dogs, 3 lizards and 2 snakes.

That's not all, there are 3 fat sons and one rather emaciated looking daughter ( as well as the parents).

That's not all, they never ever let the cats out as they will stray ( I thought that's what cats are supposed to do!)

Where the hell do they all sleep? It's a three bedroom house like ours.

Can you imagine the smell?

I certainly won't be popping in to ask for a cup of sugar, what with my cat phobia, that's without the snakes!

I do like lizards though, specially the West African ones, huge, brightly coloured and always in your homes- to eat the other horrid little insects that creep into your lives. They walk past you, sit on your ceilings and wander through the hot humid dusty streets. They are truly relaxed in their milieu.