Monday, 16 July 2007

Twenty-one: Start exercising

Ha ha ha ha ha ha, forgive me while I have a good chuckle at this one. I have been promising myself to do this for ages and ages, and I mean ages and ages. In my 'youth', well mainly in my thirties when I was mostly/very/altogether anorexic and bulimic, I used to go to Lynn's Yoga classes , round the corner in her garage, 3/ 4 times a week, and I would've gone every day if I could've. In fact, she once had a class at 8.30am on New Year's day and it was packed. I was fitness mad, I was body beautiful mad, I was food obsessed( or the lack of it). I felt fantastic. Believe me when I say that (particularly) anorexia makes you feel so 'good' inside, so in control, so lovely, so powerful. I loved my size 8 body, my trim ass, my svelte form. Life was good and I was good at it.

Nowadays, although active in my job, I am a (born again) 'couch potato' and love nothing more than slouching in front of the telly, doing some knitting or crocheting, watching movies, or listening to audio books on my ipod. Gone are those frenetic days, and thank goodness for that! But I do need to do some daily stretching exercises, specially for my day, before I turn 60, I'll start, I promise...ha ha ha ha ha