Sunday, 29 July 2007

Tangent: My true love

Yes, I know you thought I was going to warble on about a man again.............

Well, this is a man, a real he-man, a powerful, angry-looking but really 'soft as putty inside' sort of man (that's how I like my men.)

I am absolutely nuts about bulldogs. Yes, I know I have a little shih tsu, but I grew up with 'bullies'.

They are the ugliest, handsomest dogs, pure in nature, totally loyal, shlobbery, messy, eaters,make humungously huge craps, moult, fart, snort and just don't seem to fit into their own skins.

But look at that face, the eyes are so warm and loving, appealing and desperate. How can you not love this face?

They are valiant, strong, noisy, fierce and stubborn.They are playful, generous, kind, children-loving, comfort-loving, lazy slobs and I adore them.

So, why do I not have a 'bully' to share my life with. I am just too old to manage one now, to handle him, to care for him, to give him the walks he needs and the care he needs (have you ever tried to lift a 50 pound dog into a bath to wash him?)

If I could, I would.

I salute you, oh bulldog, love of my life!