Sunday, 8 July 2007

Seventeen: Make a collage

Okay, let's get one thing quite clear, I do NOT want cutesy, boring, little pressies on my 60th birthday. Bugger that.
No cake either. Knowing my kids, it would probably look like this! Mind you, a big, fat, fattening cholesterol -packed cheesecake would do me fine!
I've given it a lot of thought. How mind-blowing would it be to have my life presented in pictorial/art form. Something not only to treasure and giggle over, as it would have to be really cheery and fun, not heavy and worn looking, but also something to leave for the kiddies. Better than the mercedes and £200,000 (which I don't have anyway,ha ha)
Not being arty at all, I also thought of putting all my photos into some sort of convoluted picture on picture, tangled into one another like my very life is, tangled....but no, don't like that idea.
Maybe get the people I know who are artistic to create something following my direction. No, too impersonal, too hygienic and perfect. Not saying I'm not hygienic or perfect, but that would be too sterile and not me either.
Quandary, conundrum, puzzle, mmm what to do?
So I told Steve what I wanted and he mulled it over and we talked some more .
He has made a wonderful suggestion, which he has offered to do as his present/tribute to me.
Not gonna say what it may be, you all just watch this space!