Sunday, 22 July 2007

Tangent: My animals

When Mark was about seven, he got me my first 'animal' (the little brown dog). I think it was for Mother's Day and I cherished it. Somehow, in his teens, this became a regular thing, to give me an 'animal' for my birthdays and Mother's Days.
To this very day, despite others' jealousies and even ridicule, every time he goes overseas to work, or on holiday, or sometimes for no reason at all, out comes this funny shaped wrapping, denoting a new member of my animal family. Each one is unique and sometimes even peculiar, but they are all very special. I have over 40 of them by now and alternate them so that they are not all out at once (too many to dust anyway).
They are more precious than gold, more loved than diamonds and have been shipped all arouund the world with me, wherever I've been living and working. They are part of the bond that ties him and I, and will always be.

Thanks Markles for each and every one of them, and please pass them on to your own kids one day, from me!