Sunday, 8 July 2007

Eighteen: Go to the opera

Why? I'm really not sure. It just seems one of those cultured/ cultural things to do before 60.
Maybe it's one of those things you may do only once and then never again.
Maybe I've been to one before. ' Madame Butterfly' I think it was.
Maybe that was 'Miss Saigon' that I saw at the West End in about 1991.

I want to feel the passion, the angst, the drama, the tension as the hugely, bebosomed lady , dressed in swirls of red velevet-warbles to her stout, tightly over dressed gentleman lover, something entirely unintelligible, preferably in Italian.

Ha ha I am a real 'pleb' when it comes to the Opera, therefore I have to try to educate myself.
At least I'd be mixing with the upper classes for the evening pretending that I know what I'm doing!
Yes, I'm sure I did see Madame Butterfly many years ago! Just shows what an impression it left on me!