Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Fifteen: Have someone/something named after me

What a rush, to wake up every day and know that the neighbour's new kitten is named after you.

Seriously though, what is the one thing we want to leave behind when we swoosh off into the blue beyond?

A bit of ourselves.

Otherwise, why in heavens name would we ever consider having kids? Yes, I know all about those 'moaning whores', better known as hormones.They do tend to interfere with one's everyday life to a large or larger or even larger extent. And do they make you do all sorts of crazy things? oh boy....

But other than that urgent 'something' inside you that demands procreation, there is no earthly reason why a woman would want to punish herself for the rest of her living days having another human being forever dependent on her in some way or another. This loss of freedom, loss of identity, loss of 'self' is not something we would willingly request if given half a chance.

And how many of us would consider repeating the whole process again if given a second chance?

Where was I? Oh yes, having someone or something named after me would be great. One of my dreams was to write children's books filled with thrills and spills, preferably set somewhere in deepest darkest Africa. But that one floated away a long time ago. So, you won't be seeing any of my publications on the shelves at Waterstone's any time soon.

That leaves me with either the neighbour's cat, er, I don't think so as I don't even like felines, or, er, something else. Really I don't mind what it turns out to be, a bench on the park with my name on it or a newly grafted rose named in my honour. I'm not fussy, but someone has to decide what and when and how, and pretty soon too.

Er, on second thoughts, maybe the neighbour's kitten will have to do.