Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Twenty-three: Renovate my family tree

I have a very very scrappy, torn, yellowed, 'bitty' family tree, which is mostly illegible and not in any reader-friendly form. Every now and then I haul it out and pore over it for ages, trying to decipher the words and also trying to imagine the people and their long ago connections to me.

Before I turn 60, or in my 60th year, I'd like to renovate it, bring it back to 'life' so to speak, and have a document that can then be passed on to my kids and their kids after them.

I thought about employing a calligrapher to re-write it all in a beautiful flowing script, but then Neil informed me that there are computer programmes one can buy these days which allow you to delve into your genealogy. The calligraphy idea still interests me more!