Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Tangent: Happy New Year from Oz

I just had to come and say 'HI' and Happy new Year to you all from Oz.

The wedding was amazingly and surprisingly wonderful.

With the sand between our toes,the wind in our hair, surfers strolling past and the crashing waves, it was natural, personal, intimate and touching. I truly never expected to feel like this at all. If I could go back 30/40 years and have my life over, this is exactly the wedding I would choose for myself.

The rest of this experience has been a total 'mindfuck'.

From doctors, cancelled tickets, fevers, more doctors, decisions, decisions, decisions, changed tickets, travel insurance, non-refundable money, fevers, doctors, we both eventually made it, coming on seperate flights, arriving where we wanted to be in the end.

Since the wedding on the 29th, it has literally rained and rained and rained. 'Most unusual for this time of year here in New South Wales' we get told over and over, it's tropical, humid, and just sheets of it....

We are in a lovely lodge overlooking green fields, with cows and calves grazing, and it could be England, except for the sound of the kookaburras in the mornings. And still it rains.

A very confusing time it has all been and continues to be.

We are here till the 11th January and are relaxing, reading and I'm painting, so all in all a forced rest.

But in time I will no doubt make some sense of it all and what it all has meant..ot maybe I won't even bother!