Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Tangent: The Daffodil Principle

You know how you are just meant to read/see certain things at a certain time.

I am in such a 'tizz' about my 60th coming up soon....

Then I read this truly beautiful story about the 'Daffodil Principle' which touched me very deeply.

So I rushed outside to take a photo of my daffs straining to bloom despite the weather. Of course, Snuffles came with me to see what was so important in the garden at 9pm. (Look how small she is, all 4.8 kgs of fluff and scruff.)

Hope you don't mind Cris, if I send others to your site to read this wonderful piece.

My 60th birthday is that 'first' day.....of the rest of my life.....