Monday, 14 January 2008

Tangent: Holiday Senita

'Hello everyone. Thank goodness FY is back from her trip to Australia for her son's wedding. I was beginning to feel slightly neglected. This is a painting of my thoughts while she was gone! It's me on the beach with all my friends.'

(Senita is a cactus that Steve gave me a few months ago and I have joined TeriC in her Monday postings about cacti.) Of course Senita loves all the attention.

I painted it at 3am when the 'jet lurgy' got me and I was wide awake after collapsing into bed before 9pm last night. This reminds me of all beach scenes the world over where people flock to the sea edge like sheep and then all flock out again dripping wet, looking for a dry towel, a cool drink and some more of that too - hot sunshine that is killing most of them! And they call this fun!

Happy Cactus Monday everyone!