Friday, 2 November 2007

Tangent: Burlesque club

My future daughter-in-law had her 'hen party' last Saturday night at a Burlesque club in London.
Sixteen of us joined her there, and it was lovely meeting her family and friends at last.
We all settled down in a merry mood, to an evening of wining, dining, giving her funny little gifts and of course the 'cabaret'.
Now, I think you all know by now, I'm no prude. But something about Mama Jo-Jo's act left me feeling slightly sick.
She was also the emcee for the evening and the burlesque teacher who had trained all her 'girls'. (yes, and a very shrewd business woman drumming up new business on a Saturday night).
Most of the acts were good, professionally done and some even had talent.
Her message was 'be confident about your body, flaunt it, show it, enjoy it, no matter what size, shape or form you happen to be'.
That's all very well, but I must say this sight did rather put me off my delicious cheesecake.

Maybe, I'm more of a prude than I thought I was!