Thursday, 22 November 2007

Fifty: Give, give, give

I read a very moving article about family violence this morning, and this was the picture accompanying it.
I decided to paint it and make it my fiftieth thing to do before 60....
In my job as a teacher I am very well aware of bullying and hideous family problems which exist today as never before. I could tell you some stories that would appal and horrify you.
Domestic violence is still regarded as something which goes on behind closed doors, and not other people's business. A recent survey revealed that more people (74%) would report a person for kicking their dog than for kicking their partner (53%).
A recent Dolce & Gabbana ad depicting a woman held down in what appeared to be a stylised gang rape barely raised a mutter of dissent.
I already have 4 charities that I give to monthly, and am also putting a little African girl through school.
We as a family have stopped exchanging Christmas gifts. We send the amount of money we would've spent on a gift to the other's chosen charity instead.

Give, give and give some more, and while you're at it, give thanks for what you have!