Sunday, 28 October 2007

Forty-Three: Experiment with collage

Yesterday afternoon just before Neil mowed the lawn taking all the leaves with it, I scurried round collecting some.
As you can see, I hastily laid some newspaper on the carpet, and proceeded to 'play' with paint and leaves and stuff.
Snuffles was extremely interested in the whole process and wondered why she wasn't allowed to join in.

I didn't actually stick the leaves down, merely laid them around, then took a photograph.
I quite like this effect.

Then I painted it, using only kitchen towel, sponge and aluminium foil, scrunched up, to daub the leaves, with a roughly sloshed tree trunk.

Of course, I like the more precise one above, but I suppose you, my critics, will prefer the lower one, which looks like no glasses and using my left foot!

Mmmm, I wait with bated breath....