Monday, 22 October 2007

Tangent: NO art class

I woke up feeling 'under the weather' on Saturday, so decided NOT to put myself through another 'weasel' session.
Instead I painted this, and rather liked the result.
It is the house across the road, viewed from an upstairs bedroom.
I tried doing the autumn leaves with a scrunched up piece of roller towel (kitchen paper) and it worked.
I also tried doing the walls using a toothbrush to get a 'speckled' effect, which wasn't too good, so I slopped white acrylic over it.
I played around with the windows,as they were completely flat and uninteresting at first.
It was a very satisfying exercise.
Certainly more satisfying than any art lesson I've attended in the past weeks.
Please give me some comments on how I could've improved it.