Monday, 22 October 2007

Tangent: Tagged: seven weird things

This is one of my favourite pictures done by Steve quite a few years ago.
He called it 'Life is a beach'.
It fits this post.

Lynn has offered anyone to consider themself tagged, and contribute their own 'weirdities'.

I just can't resist!

Here goes:
1.) I've been married three times, twice to the same man.
2.) I've lived and worked in four different countries, don't feel I belong anywhere.
3.) I loved my 'divorce' years more than any other times in my life.
4.) I had a 'boob' job done nearly 30 years ago, long before it ever became popular.
5.) I am an Aquarian, but I don't really like people.
6.) I miss my anorexic/bulimic years.
7.) The only person I truly admire is myself.

Strange, strange, but all true!
Go on, have a go, it's very cathartic!