Saturday, 1 September 2007

Thirty-six: Restore my candlesticks

I don't know anything about these candlesticks.
They were my mother's and when she died 26 years ago, being the only daughter, I got them. Maybe they were her mother's or even her grandmother's. They are certainly not modern, they are perhaps not even valuable, but they are beautiful (to me).
I am not religious and nor was my mother. Yet she always used these candlesticks every Friday night, something I don't do.
But now that I'm approaching my 60th birthday, I really feel the need and desire to restore them to their former glory and then to use them every Friday night.
Don't ask me why, as I cannot tell you. It's just a hankering.
When I've had them done, I will take another picture and let you judge. Maybe we will find them more beautiful just as they are now. But I don't want them to break altogether, and I'd like to perhaps pass them on to my granddaughter (if/when I have one).
Oh dear, now I even sound like my mother.