Sunday, 2 September 2007

Tangent: Back to School

Snuffles' first bath in August 2001. She didn't like it at all, but what a sweet face? She hardly fitted into the tiny basin, and looked like a drowned rat afterwards....but loved the feeling of fresh clean skin and fur.

Snuffles in our sun-bathed lounge, waiting and watching, knowing that something unwanted is about to happen!!! She knows and senses the dizzy activity around her and is wary, very wary........

The last day is here again.
How did six weeks fly by so fast?
What has been accomplished? So much and yet so little.
As the Summer(what Summer?) begins to fade once more, I turn my attention to mundane chores, last minute housekeeping, clearing out the fridge, sorting out the linen, renewing the bed once again with lovely crisp clean sheets( unironed), vacuuming and washing, sorting and bustling- all in readiness for another new beginning
new kids, new class, new rules, new teaching assistant...a rebirth enveloped within an old somewhat stale shell (the school, not me!)

And, most importantly of all, giving Snuffles a lovely refreshing bath.
Beware, Snuffs, we're coming to get you............................